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Drawing from his personal experiences, Helmer understood the unique challenges veterans face upon returning home, ranging from healthcare entry to work opportunities. His firsthand knowledge happens to be a key player in shaping his approach to advocacy. Dan Helmer‘s journey into public service began after the army service of his in the US Army, where he served a number of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Barbara Comstock (R) has co-sponsored during this Congress.

These are the major bills, amendments, and resolutions that Rep. You are able to make use of the Show Full List back link to obtain all the constituent requests she has generated. Tend to be charter schools doing well in his district? What exactly are the complications and opportunities faced with local public schools? Will he still help public school and charter schools choice? How does Dan Helmer method to allow for our schools? Will he commit to supporting the public schools and neighborhood teachers?

Will he devote to generating significantly larger transparency in our clubs? Who would be the state leaders in public education? Will he commit to making certain just about every child has a teacher that knows the label of theirs and cares about their future? Will he help better mental health products in our clubs? What number of pupils from different communities come together at your schools? Why might they always come together? Will Dan Helmer support our public schools’ ability to create secure places?

What exactly are the top three things that have to happen for the success of your high school? Would your community benefit from more school choice options? Exactly how can certainly your neighborhood public schools perform at a greater level than in the past? What do students that graduate from high school in Dan Helmer’s district think about their experience? Where’s your high school? Who are the leaders of public schools and charters in his district?

What’s going on at your community college now? If you can actually perform the community college in the town of yours, would you go to college there instead of heading to a four-year institution? What kind of curriculum is presented? Just how much income should the state purchase your high school? Just what are probably the most pressing needs inside your local community college? Precisely how would he fight sex trafficking?

What’s the condition of sex trafficking in your community? How does Dan Helmer method to defend our kids from predators? What other ways can the government fight sex trafficking? Just how will he fight against the spread of social networking apps as snapchat that encourage people to send nude pictures of themselves?